From hobby influencer to badass blogging babe, in just 3 months.

Your elite guide to becoming a badass blogger, and getting paid to create content you love.

Be real for a minute - Are you running on the content creation hamster wheel but seeing little to no growth?

Are you tired of being beholden to an ever-changing algorithm?

Have you ever wondered what would happen to your business if social media disappeared - or you got hacked?

Are you tired of trying a million different engagement techniques only to feel like you never actually find one that’s perfect for YOU? (Been there, felt that.) 

Are you ready to start charging MORE to create content?

Are you ready to create PASSIVE income through ads and affiliate marketing to boot?

Then it’s time for a change friend, and we’re making it happen!

Imagine if… you had a concrete, easy-to-follow blueprint to take you from burnt out content creator to confident AF blogger, with a strategy in place to grow, create, and monetize?

What if you didn't have to worry about any complicated tech on the backend of your blog because you've got step by step tutorials that make the process EASY and SEAMLESS?

What if... in under 3 months, you're beautiful blog is LAUNCHED into the world, and your audience is eating. it. up.

Imagine waking up to inquiries from your DREAM brands, who will actually PAY you hundreds (or even THOUSANDS!) to create blog content for them!

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  • Instant Access to the 90 Day Blog Blueprint, including the Nail Your Niche and BATCH Methods so you can finally OWN Your Influence online through your own blog/website (no more relying on social media algorithms to grow your biz)!

  • Instant Access to all other OWN Your Influence Course Content - including 6 modules full of all the information you need to launch your blog successfully in 90 days or less!

  • Easy methods to grow your blog through the STRATEGIC use of social media!

  • Access to our Private Facebook Group for OWN Your Influence Members (not monitored)

**Please note - OWN Your Influence is now a FULLY passive course! You get access to all the videos and any future updates to the course for the lifetime of the program, or at least 1 year. There are no coaching calls or direct email or IG support. Because of this, the price of OYI has been lowered - not only to give more people the opportunity to enroll, but also as I transition to other areas of my business! OYI will continue to be updated as new developments in the blogging world come out!**


Hi! I’m Ana!

And I'm Currently Disrupting the Blogging Industry!

I’m a successful blogger and content creator at (IG: My work has been on the cover of American Farmhouse Style, Upgrade Your Farmhouse, and in San Diego and Cottages and Bungalows magazines, and featured in numerous online publications including and HGTV Canada, The Spruce, Redfin Blog, and more!

As a content creator and blogger over the past few years, I have learned SO much. But I remember going it alone and it was tough. Really tough. I often wished I had had a mentor or coach to help me along the way - and that's why I created OYI! 

I have also experienced firsthand the importance of building a business I own through my website/blog. Social media is great, but it can go away tomorrow – whether it be through an algorithm change, getting hacked, or the social media company going out of biz – you just never know. And if your entire business is built on a platform that you don’t have access to tomorrow, what do you have? NADA!

And that's why it's time to turn your hobby into a BUSINESS. Give your creative biz credibility through your website & blog and watch the opportunities roll in!

So purchase your access to OWN Your Influence now so you can get started ASAP!

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