We about to get REALLLLL SPICY!

Better than email, better than IG...

This is COACHING straight to your phone!!

If you're tired of sifting through the Instagram feed...

Or if you realize that social media is a GIANT time suck because you go down one rabbit hole after another... (you know, it's kind of like that Target trip where you went in for nail polish and came out with shoes, wine, a new scrunchie, and some salt and vinegar potato chips that you definitely did NOT need...)

If you want ACTIONABLE business, marketing, and social media strategies sent STRAIGHT to your phone without the fluff or BS...

Then the new CCC SMS Coaching Subscription is FOR YOU!

Y'all... this is currently LESS than your super fancy venti caramel frap with extra caramel and your butter croissant at S*bux.... 

Because I want to give y'all access to strategies that actually help you GROW your business in a way that feels good, fun, and AFFORDABLE!

For less than the price of ONE Starbucks order A MONTH... I'm on a mission to help women just like you change their lives... AND THE WORLD!



And did I mention these amazing perks:

  • Sign up with no obligation! Cancel anytime.*
  • Get access to CCC TEXT FAM exclusive discounts - up to FOUR FIGURES off of some of our programs (if you've been thinking about working with me in any capacity, that's a $7.99/month investment with an ROI of up to A THOUSAND dollars in discounts!! #nobrainer!)
  • Access to exclusive tips and tricks that I'm not sharing anywhere else that you can apply to your business NOW.
  • First access to new programs (including beta tests, freebies, and more!)

I'm doing this because I believe in pouring into others. 

According to Forbes, as of 2015 only 2% of women-owned businesses ever break the 1 million dollar a year mark.

I'm on a mission to CHANGE THAT. 

We are better when we work TOGETHER... to uplift, inspire, and yes - even challenge old ways of thinking.

So if you're a female entrepreneur (coach, service provider, content creator, course creator) and you're ready to level up your business... this $7.99 is about to be worth WAY more than that mocha latte you order each morning.

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